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Moving towards the New Year

Santa Clarita Moving

As the holiday season is upon us, we begin to reflect on those things we are most thankful for. As your top Santa Clarita Moving Company for the past 25 years, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is thankful for you. Our family, friends, and clients, you are our competitive advantage and we thank you for choosing us! It is easy to get consumed with staying busy towards the holiday season. We encourage you to tap the breaks a bit and enjoy the view.

As your top Santa Clarita Moving Company we are excited about the great opportunities that this new year will bring. Year after year, we have the incredible opportunity to provide you, the people of Santa Clarita with top notch Santa Clarita Moving and Santa Clarita Storage opportunities. Whether it’s a local Santa Clarita Moving need, or a long distance moving need, AQMS can help!

As the New Year arrives, AQMS is proud to announce that our fleet, staff, and crews continue to grow. AQMS is honored to be one of the nation’s TOP National Van Lines Moving Agency. With over 200 long distance drivers on the road today, National Van Lines can handle any and all of your long distance moving needs. AQMS’ unique partnership with National gives us the opportunity to service all of your long distance moving needs effortlessly.

Looking for some storage before the holidays? Need to clear up some space for the in-laws? No problem! AQMS boasts over 40,000 sq ft of secured Santa Clarita Storage. If Santa Clarita Storage is something you need, look no further! AQMS offers flexible payment plans and is ALWAYS willing to work with you, the customer, to create the perfect storage plan for you.

We look forward to a New Year full of amazing new opportunities and continued growth of our family owned and operated Santa Clarita Moving Company. Thank you friends, family, and clients for all that you do to make our company grow, year after year.

Kind Regards,

Thank you for reading!

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Santa Clarita Moving and Packing Tips

Santa Clarita MovingSanta Clarita Moving by Santa Clarita Movers Santa Clarita Moving by Santa Clarita Movers Santa Clarita Moving by Santa Clarita Movers Santa Clarita Moving by Santa Clarita Movers Santa Clarita Moving by Santa Clarita Movers

Content provided by National Van Lines


The best way to ensure a stress-free moving day is to be as organized as possible. National Van Lines provides this list of tips that will make sure you are covered from A to Z.

1. Have rugs and draperies cleaned prior to moving and leave them in the protective wrapping. Many cleaners will provide drapery removal service as well as pickup and delivery.

2. Use colored file folder labels or stickers as a quick way to separate the items to be shipped from those that are not going, or items going into storage. Mark cartons clearly.

3. Always mark cartons on the side – not the top. Remember, boxes will be stacked, and you will not be able to see the contents or room location if the label is on the top of the carton.

4. “Seam Seal” your boxes by running a strip of packing tape along each of the side seams on the top and bottom of the box, as well as in the center of the flaps. It makes the carton stronger.

5. Whenever possible, pack electronics in their original cartons. Make certain to use the formed Styrofoam. Record the model and serial number on the outside of the carton. To make installation easier at your new home, color-code cables and connectors with stick-on labels. A digital photograph of the connections may also be helpful.

6. Use Ziploc bags to pack like-items in desk drawers. As long as the bags are not very heavy, you can replace the items into the drawer, if you have sealed the bag with enough air cushion to protect the contents. The air cushion will secure the bag from moving around in the drawer.

7. Give your propane tanks to the new owners or one of your neighbors. They can always use a spare, and the cost of having a propane tank purged for safe transport is more than the cost to replace it.

8. Keep an envelope for your receipts – moving expenses can be tax deductible if your move is job-related. Check IRS Publication 521.

9. Prior to the move, seek out some special activities to do in your new city with your kids. Set a date, and give them something to look forward to.

10. Take advantage of spare suitcases. They can be packed with soft goods, but remember to label them just like you would a carton.

11. Be mindful of a pet’s curiosity. During the commotion of a move, doors will be propped open and boxes can become hiding places. Make arrangements to have your pets in a safe place.

12. On loading day, before the movers leave, walk through all rooms and look in all cupboards, closets and storage areas one last time. You may have removed everything, but some other family member may have “tucked” something away without your knowledge. Give it one more look to be on the safe side.

13. Are any of your belongings stored somewhere else? Has the neighbor borrowed your ladder? Are there items in your children’s school lockers? Do you have dry cleaning to pick up?

14. Eliminate stressful situations whenever you can. For example, don’t try to schedule a flight or a farewell party on the day of the move. Careful furniture handling is the cornerstone of a damage-free move. You don’t want to rush movers because you are racing to catch a flight or going to an event.

15. If you’re doing your own packing – give yourself plenty of time. Start early by packing seasonal and seldom-used items. Not only will starting to pack early reduce stress, it will eliminate clutter, and even help in the home sale.

16. Create a “Load Last – Unload First” carton for each member of the family. That way everyone will be able to separate the essentials they will need until the last minute, and the things they will want the minute they arrive at your new home. Children will find this especially comforting.

17. Give yourself a break. Consider having a cleaning service come to do the final cleaning on the old home.

18. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to assist in watching the children on moving day. You cannot be two places at once, and on moving day, your attention will be divided.

19. Encourage your children to create a “memory book” to remind them of their old home. Include pictures of friends, schools, teachers, favorite restaurants or “fun-places-to-visit.” Add special touches like aerial views of the neighborhood, menus, church bulletins and local souvenirs.

20. Plants don’t travel well, but they make lovely thank you gifts. Consider adding some pretty bows to your houseplants and “gifting” them to special friends, teachers and service people.

21. Have one common place to keep your lists of “things to do” – a spiral notebook works well. Keep it in an easy-to-access spot, and have all family members use the same book. It will remind the rest of the family of things they may not have thought of, and can even create a little competition to get things done and marked off the list quicker.

22. Add a little fun. Let the children decorate their boxes and add their own personal touches.

23. Make donating clothing and other items a special experience. Visit the local Goodwill store or homeless shelter with your family. It can make the donation more personal and meaningful. Children will often part with toys, etc., more easily, if they know that they are going to a good cause.

24. If you are doing your own packing, consider creative ways to use linens, etc. as packing material. Dishcloths and towels are obviously good to use instead of paper. Socks make create wrapping material, also – especially for small knick-knacks.

25. Now is the time to go through your bookshelves and decide which books you really want to keep. Books are heavy and when you are moving long-distance, your total charges are based on weight. You can use a colored sticker on the spine of the book to indicate the books you are willing to donate. Invite family and friends to come and take their choice of books. You’ll have less to pack as a result.

26. Consider hiring a college student to help you clean out the garage or the basement.

27. Wardrobe cartons are designed to hold hanging clothing. You can place small, lightweight items in the bottom of the carton, but you need to make certain that they are secure and don’t move around. They can dislodge the hanging clothes and result in wrinkling. Pillows are a good choice.

28. When packing pairs of shoes, make certain to wrap each shoe separately. Shoes can scuff each other if not properly protected.

29. Organizing and packing are time-consuming. Plan ahead and try to do a little each day. Do one hard task each day.

30. Hold a garage sale before you start packing.

31. Confirm with your mover what forms of payment are acceptable. Movers do not accept personal checks.

32. Make a checklist of all of the places you’ll need to change your address. Make sure you include all of your credit cards, loans, banks and former utility companies in case they need to send you a refund or final bill.

33. If you want to have your mail forwarded, save a trip to the post office by doing it online.

34. Get two copies of school transcripts, insurance policies, doctor’s records, bank records and birth certificates so that you’ll have one to give to the appropriate parties and one to keep for your records.

35. When moving boxes or furniture, always bend at the knees. Never lift with your back.

36. As a rule of thumb, the heavier the item, the smaller the box.

37. Pack a travel kit including eyeglasses, contacts, contact solution, a first aid kit, prescriptions and medications.

38. Help your child research your new neighborhood online. The more he or she knows, the less scary it will be. Either find an online map or help the child draw a map of the area.

39. If you don’t currently have a personal address book, copy all of the numbers from your cell phone into a new phone book and keep it with you. Cell phones are easy to misplace and you may need to contact friends and family for last minute needs.

40. Call or visit your new Department of Motor Vehicle’s website. Order a copy of your new state’s “Rules of the Road” book. Also, find out what type of mandatory vehicle insurance laws are in your new state so that you can be prepared.

41. You may drive with your old driver’s license for 30 days after moving into a new state. Designate a specific time to renew your license within that timeframe.

42. Some banks are nationwide. Contact your bank to find out if they have branches in your new location.

43. On an interstate move, it will be your responsibility to check off inventory item numbers as the movers bring your furniture and boxes into your new home. Take that responsibility very seriously – it is proof of delivery.

44. On the day of delivery, inspect the contents of any boxes that appear to have exterior damage, immediately. If packed items have been damaged, you will need to save the carton and the packing material for the claims adjuster.

45. Make certain that the moving company and the individual driver have contact phone numbers for you. Include your new work number, if available, or the home phone number of someone who will know how to get in touch with you. Cell phone batteries die, and cell phone service is not consistent. You should also get a contact (or direct) phone number for the driver as well.

46. Credit card payments have to be processed prior to delivery. Make certain you discuss with the moving company when the actual moving charges will be posted to your credit card.

47. You’ve been storing the cassettes and the VHS tapes for years, now. Before you move, take them to a local company to do the conversion to CD/DVD for you. They will take up a lot less space, and there’s no point in moving something that you’re not going to use.

48. To make it easier to make the beds in your new home, pack a complete set of bedding for each bed (mattress pad, sheets, pillows and pillowcases, blanket and spread) in its own separate box. Mark the box clearly for the specific room/bed.

49. If you’ll be traveling with your laptop, give the moving company your e-mail address for timely communications. Many drivers are “wireless” as well.

50. Make certain to go through the items you have in a mini-storage facility prior to loading day. You may not have packed those items properly for long-distance moving. And you may want to eliminate some things that haven’t been used for a while.

51. If you have firearms that need to be transported, talk with your moving counselor. They require special handling. If you have a gun safe, you will need to have the combination or the key on loading day, so that the driver can record the model, caliber and serial number. AMMUNITION CANNOT BE SHIPPED.

52. In most cases, frozen food cannot be transported on an interstate moving van. If you have a large amount of frozen food, especially expensive cuts of meat, there are ways to have those items shipped separately. Most communities have a cold storage facility that will provide dry ice, packing and next-day air shipping, after you have settled into your new home. Discuss this with your moving counselor.

Any questions or concerns, or if you’re looking for a FREE Moving Quote please call us at 661.309.8890 or visit us online at

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AQMS: Your Top Santa Clarita Moving Company

Santa Clarita Moving Santa Clarita MoversSanta Clarita Moving Santa Clarita MoversSanta Clarita Moving Santa Clarita MoversvSanta Clarita Moving Santa Clarita MoversSanta Clarita Moving Santa Clarita Movers

Another phenomenal summer has passed here at AQMS. Thank you, our incredible friends / clients for helping us become the #1 Santa Clarita Moving Company again for the 4th time in the past 5 years! You never cease to amaze us and we cannot express how thankful we are for your continued support of our family owned and operated Moving company.

Santa Clarita Moving Santa Clarita MoversSanta Clarita Moving Santa Clarita MoversSanta Clarita Moving Santa Clarita MoversSanta Clarita Moving Santa Clarita Movers

For over 25 years AQMS has been providing only the best in Santa Clarita Moving services. Whether its a local Santa Clarita Moving need or a long distance moving needed, AQMS can help. As our local Santa Clarita Moving company grows, we become more diverse than ever before in our abilities to help our customers in new ways. Whether you’re going down the street or across the seas, AQMS can help.

In the past few months AQMS has had the incredible opportunity of working with a number of local charities including Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita, SCV Youth Project,  as well as several others. Giving back to our community is something that your local Santa Clarita Moving company, AQMS, always makes a priority. We encourage you to do the same! Please check out how you can be more involved in your community and make a difference in the lives of those around you in need.

If you, your friends, family, or business has any local, interstate, or international moving needs please give us a call. We look forward to the opportunity to give you (and your referrals) only the BEST in Moving Services around. Please give us a call today at 661.254.7823 or visit us online at for any moving needs!

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AQMS: Your Santa Clarita Moving Specialists

Santa clairta moving needs for your santa clarita movers of Santa clarita Moving

As the summer months draw nearer, your best Santa Clarita Moving Company Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is looking forward to helping you, your family, and/or your business with any of your upcoming Santa Clarita Moving needs. Whether your Santa Clarita movers needs are large or small, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) can help. With our 25 years of experience, this family owned and operated 5 star (Yelp, Google, BBB, etc) rated company is ready and able to assist you with your Santa Clarita Moving needs. 

For over a quarter of a century your friends at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) have been providing Santa Clarita Moving expertise to the community we live in. We aren’t saying we are the only Santa Clarita Moving Company, but we do believe we are one of the best Santa Clarita Moving companies. Our employees are certified and trained with the world renowned American Moving & Storage Association’s (AMSA) Certified Packer Loaders Program (CPL). Our specialists are trained in moving, packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading. Also, a heavy emphasis on Customer Service is imparted to each and every one of our new employees. 

When it comes down to picking the Best Santa Clarita Moving Company for your Santa Clarita Movers needs, please don’t hesitate to give Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) the chance to earn your business. For your family and your business, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is the right choice. Unlike several of the smaller Santa Clarita Moving Companies, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is an Interstate Agent for a large Van Line, National Van Lines. National Van Lines has over 75 years in moving experience and is one of largest and most predominant Women Owned Businesses in America today. 

We are proud to be a local Santa Clarita Moving agent for National Van Lines. The familial structure of National exemplifies all of the core beliefs that we stand for as your top Santa Clarita Moving Company. For more information on National Van Lines, please visit Thank you for time and please give us a call today with any questions or concerns about your upcoming relocation needs, or visit us online at

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AQMS: Your Santa Clarita Moving Specialists


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Santa Clarita Moving Company – Santa Clarita Movers

Santa Clarita Moving Company - Santa Clarita Movers


What to Expect from a Full Service Moving Company

When searching for the best Santa Clarita moving company to handle your next move, there are certain things you want to look for to ensure that you get the best service for your money. Especially for those who are moving for the first time, getting the best Santa Clarita movers should be your top priority.

How to Find the Right Moving Company

In your research, there are certain things you need to do in order to find the best moving company available. What follows is a simple step-by-step guide that will allow you to find the best company that meets your moving needs.

License & Certifications: All proper Santa Clarita moving companies must be licensed and have the proper certifications for movers in the city. Licenses and certification means that they take their business seriously, which is what you want in a moving company.

Insured: Even the best moving companies will have accidents, so you’ll want them to be covered with insurance so you are not footing the bill. Insurance will mean that if anything breaks during the move, it will be covered, which will put your mind at ease.

Services: It’s not so much the number of services, but having the ones that are right for your needs. Check out all the services that a moving company offers, including storage and special equipment that may be needed to move a particular item. You can look at the entire services that a moving company has to offer and see if they can perform the tasks you need accomplished.

Reviews: You should look over their reviews, including sources such as the Better Business Bureau and the like. Remember that even the best moving companies may make mistakes or have a few negative reviews, so you should look for a pattern in these reviews that indicates how they treat their customers.

At this point, you should have narrowed your choices down to a few so now you can start making calls.

Professional Service: Everything about the company should be professional in nature, from the first phone call to the visit by their representative. Having properly trained professionals is the hallmark of a great moving company.

Free Estimate: A proper moving company will provide you with a quote for their services. This may require a representative to visit your home to look over the items that need moving. Once they make their assessment, then they should offer you a price for their services. Moving companies that don’t offer a quote, but simply rates, aren’t taking the time to properly inform you about your upcoming Santa Clarita moving endeavor.

Price: The final aspect you should consider is the price they offer in their estimate. With everything else being equal, the price for their services is the tie-breaker. This way, you get the Santa Clarita moving services you need at the best price possible.

For your next move, you need to get the best Santa Clarita movers to help you move in or out of your residence. Be sure to follows this simple, step-by-step plan so you can get the best moving company possible. 


Thank you for reading, 


Your Santa Clarita Moving Company, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) 



Why Choose a Santa Clarita Moving Company like Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS)

Relocation can be thought provoking because of the rigorous tasks embedded in the process. People have found moving from one place to another very difficult, as it has to start with dismantling, packing, unloading and loading of ones properties. All this has to be taken with care and seriousness so that items are protected. Obviously, relocation is a labor-intensive job that needs the attention of a professional Santa Clarita moving company.

Professionalism and experience come into play in this aspect and make it imperative to seek the services of an experienced Santa Clarita moving company that can deliver your goods without hassle. Now people are putting the burden of the whole process on the shoulder of moving companies, as they should. No wonder the number of moving companies is on the increase.

Getting the services of a Santa Clarita moving company may not be as difficult as getting the right moving company that can assuage the pains you are feeling. There are a many moving companies, but the best professional Santa Clarita Moving Company, Affordable Quality Moving Storage is the most prestigious and reliable. AQMS-Santa Clara moving company services all 50 states and has been in existence over 25 years, dealing with Santa Clarita moving business. 

Here are some benefits of choosing a local Santa Clarita moving company;

Trained Professionals: The Santa Clarita Movers, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS),  train their guys professionally in order to ease their clients and make relocation hassle free. To enjoy a service that gives great value, whether you are moving in or out of Santa Clara, AQMS is a sure- bet. With their experienced workers, your goods are delivered in good condition.

Insurance Coverage: The other benefit of utilizing local moving companies is that you are offered the basic insurance coverage of the items you move if you hire a Santa Clarita moving company like Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS). Can you just imagine one of your favorite accessories gets damage during the move because of mishandling? Avoid that heartache by hiring the professional Santa Clarita Movers, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS). 

It is Economical: you will save a substantial amount if you are moving long distance. Therefore, Santa Clara movers have the opportunity to move their belongings using the most reputable moving company –AQMS, at an incredibly affordable and competitive rate. Moreover, Santa Clarita Storage is available if you are unable to move all your belonging at once to your new residence.

Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is always looking for new ways to help you and your family or business with your Santa Clarita moving endeavors. If you’re ever in need of any sort of moving and/or storage help, please call your Santa Clarita Movers at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) at 1-888-508-9088. 

Please check out our Santa Clarita Movers website at 




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Santa Clarita Movers – Santa Clarita Moving – AQMS

Looking for Santa Clarita Movers for your Santa Clarita Moving Needs? Look no further. For over a quarter of a century Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) has been the go-to-choice in Santa Clarita Movers for any of your Santa Clarita Moving needs. Looking for an A+ Rated, Better Business Bureau certified Santa Clarita Moving Company? Looking for the best Santa Clarita Movers available? Look no more. Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) recently won the prestigious, The Santa Clarita Valley Signal Present’s, “Best Santa Clarita Moving Company 2013” and “Best Santa Clarita Movers 2013.” Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) also recently took the crown for the Los Angeles Daily Readers Favorite, “Best Santa Clarita Moving Company 2013″ and “Best Santa Clarita Movers 2013”.

As a staple in the Santa Clarita Moving industry, your premier Santa Clarita Movers, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) can handle any of your Santa Clarita moving needs, whether large or small. Relocating a 500+ office corporation? No Problem! Your top choice in Santa Clarita Movers, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is fully-equipped to take care of your Santa Clarita commercial moving needs as well. Moving an apartment? We got that covered too! Your premier Santa Clarita Movers, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) can take care of that too.

If you’ve lived in Santa Clarita for very long, you’ve likely heard of the following companies/organizations: Henry Mayo Hospital, Advanced Bionics, Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce, College of the Canyons. Your best Santa Clarita Movers, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) has had the prestigious opportunity to those along with a hefty list of others in need of Santa Clarita moving help, for over 25 years.

As a highly-rated Yelp Santa Clarita Moving company, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is always ready to help. When you hire Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) as your premier Santa Clarita Movers for your Santa Clarita Moving needs, you’re sure to experience a moving experience like no other. Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is a household name in household moving, and always looks forward to helping new clients experience only the best available in Santa Clarita Movers services for their Santa Clarita Movers needs.

Please feel free to visit our new blog site at or call us toll free at 1-888-508-9088 for any of your Santa Clarita Moving needs.

Please check out our new Santa Clarita Movers site at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage’s (AQMS) brand new website at

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AQMS Top Santa Clarita Moving Company

santa clarita moving company is here to help with your santa clarita movers needs

 AQMS Top Santa Clarita Moving Company

As your Top Santa Clarita Moving Company, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is thrilled about the opportunity to help you and your family, or your business, with your upcoming relocation needs. As a local Santa Clarita Moving Company, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) has been serving the Santa Clarita Valley for over 25 years with excellent customer service, top notch moving professionals, and hands down one of the most stress-free moving experiences available.

When you’re considering whom to choose as your premier Santa Clarita Moving Company, look no further than Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS). Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) isn’t new to the Santa Clarita moving industry and is ready and able to tackle any move with the utmost care and professionalism. Whether you’re moving into an apartment or a mansion, AQMS, your #1 Santa Clarita Moving Company can get the job done for you.

It isn’t easy shopping for the best Santa Clarita Moving Company, and its worth your time to look at the competition. However, when looking at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) you’re looking at the Santa Clarita Valley Signal’s, “Best Santa Clarita Mover of 2013” as well as the Los Angeles Daily News Readers Choice, “Best Los Angeles Mover” of 2013 as well. On top of that, AQMS boasts a high rating on Yelp and Google, as well as an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. As your top Santa Clarita Moving Company, Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is also a member of the prestigious American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) as well as the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA).

We hope that in your efforts to find the best Santa Clarita Movers available, you’ve stumbled across Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS). We pride ourselves on our unique ability to make your Santa Clarita Moving transition one of the most seamless possible. AQMS is a household name in household moving, and we look forward to helping you with any and all of your upcoming Santa Clarita Moving needs.

Thanks for reading,

Be sure to check out our new website at


Packing Your Home, Where to Start?

The excitement of buying a new home or moving to a new residence is certainly a great feeling that often fades quickly once you realize the moving effort that must take place. Fortunately, you can rely on the best Santa Clarita movers to insure that your belongings get there safe and sound. However, before you call Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS), the Santa Clarity packing services, to come get your belongings where they need to go, you will need to start packing your home first.

The main reason why so many people panic on moving day is because they have not done the proper planning and packing beforehand which would have saved them a great deal of time and trouble. Because they are now in a rush, items can be misplaced and even damaged because they were not packed correctly.

What follows is a basic guide to how to pack your home before Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS), the Santa Clarita movers arrive. While many may need assistance from Santa Clarita packing services to help them organize their items, you can still get off to a great start with these simple tips.

Start One Month Early
It may sound a bit crazy at first, but the sooner you start planning and executing your move, the better. One month is a long enough period of time for you to plan your move, yet short enough that you can start packing seldom used and stored items so that they are ready on moving day. At this point, you can do the following;

– Schedule Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) Santa Clarita Movers to Arrive on Moving Day
– Purchase or Obtain the Boxes, Wrapping Material and other Packing Supplies (Check out our neighborhood Santa Clarita Moving Boxes store at
– Create a Packing Order and Schedule for Every Room in your Residence

By getting off to a good start, you will be well ahead on moving day. This will help bring a little peace of mind when that day finally arrives.

Pack Stored and Seldom Used Items First
Anything that is not being used until moving day, which generally includes stored items will need to be packed away first. Packing up these items this far in advance will get them ready that much sooner.

Pack One Room per Day
Next, start packing up rooms one at a time so you know you have everything packed by moving day.

Have One “Leftover” Box
It seems that every home has several items with no clear destination, so have a “leftover” box to pack up items that were missed or for places that you are not quite sure where they go.

Don’t Seal Boxes Until the Day Before Moving Day
Pack up your items, but don’t seal the boxes until the day before the move. That way, you can spend the last day checking to make sure you have everything ready.

Mark Boxes to Where they Go in the New Residence
One neat trick that saves time, especially when you have help or are using movers is to mark boxes to where they go in your new home. That way, no one has to open boxes to see what’s inside as a clue to where they go.

Follow this list and by moving day, all you will have to do is let the Santa Clarita movers come pick up the boxes and deliver them to their destination.

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Santa Clarita Moving in the Winter


It’s business as usual here in the Santa Clarita Valley. Unlike our neighbors up north who are plagued with snow and hail, it’s still sunny with a chance of more sun here in Santa Clarita. As your #1 Santa Clarita Moving Company, AQMS has just come out of one of the most successful summers yet. Whether it was the initial onslaught of the summertime rush, or the steady progression thereafter, AQMS has been tried and tested in what will be a memorable summer for many of us. As the winter break approaches, the idea of clearing up some much needed space to avoid another uncomfortable in-laws on bunk-bed situation like last year, we recommend our $90 declutter program. 

Our special AQMS declutter program covers the moving out and storing of one garage (or a 5ft x 7ft x 7ft storage container) full of stuff. That much needed space in the guest bedroom can find a comfortable home in over 30,000 sq ft of secured warehouse facilities at your Santa Clarita AQMS headquarters. Our warehouse is enclosed, and 24/7 guarded with up to date security cameras. AQMS takes the safety and security of your family (or businesses) belongings very seriously, and work vigorously to treat your stuff like our own. 

So, $90 could save you from years of missed Christmas Cards and provide you with an endless supply of outdated bunt cakes. So, spare yourself the hassle and let AQMS come pick up your stuff. You get a guy, a truck, a vault, and FREE storage for ONE month, all for $90. That deal is so good you might even tell a friend, or ten friends, or post it on one of those fancy social media sites. 

Affordable Quality Moving & Storage (AQMS) is looking forward to the opportunity to help you and your family with your upcoming Santa Clarita Moving needs. Whether you’re moving to Seattle or Siberia, AQMS can help. There is no move too big or too small for AQMS. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at our toll free number, 1-888-508d-9088. 


Thanks for reading!

Please visit us online at 



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